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jueves, 26 de septiembre de 2013

BIM Object. Another source for download BIM Objects

Hi everyone,

BIM Object is a site for download of BIM content that can be used in projects development. Unlike some sites that offer information only for Revit, this site offers different formats for many of the users that need to download an item and use it in a project developed with some other BIM oriented software.

In BIM Object you will find families of Revit,  AutoCAD blocks, elements of 3DS Max, and objects for use in all Plan, ArchiCAD and Sketchup, among other types of files it is possible to download.
The site has some dropdown lists that allows you to filter the content by file type, by element type and/or manufacturer, which becomes easy to find and object.

The site is from Spain, but you can specify your preferred language, so it's not strange that many of its elements are from manufacturers that are not very identifiable outside Europe. Of course there are elements from some American manufacturers. Despite this, the site provides many elements that are interesting for download, so it might be worth investing some time to review the content it offers, which is free.
Until now, the site has more than two thousand items in total and more than 350,000 downloads.

Check out the site and happy downloading!

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